Discovery expedition
along the river wilderness of Mura, Drava and Danube

“Where travelers are part of the solution, not part of the problem!” With Fair Trails® we want to make the world a little bit better. That is precisely why it is important to responsibly select those regions where we develop a Fair Trail and explore them with our Explorer Tours.

Along the rivers Mur, Drava and Danube stretches the world’s first UNESCO 5-country biosphere park Mur-Drava-Danube, the “Amazon of Europe”. An untouched river wilderness, as you would not expect in the heart of Europe and framed by a diverse cultural area with its equally rich and eventful history. Today, this fascinating transnational destination is committed to sustainable tourism with the support of the European Union. Our Fair Trails® model is designed to contribute to just that, the protection of fragile river nature.

What brings us to this beautiful and pristine river wilderness are not only the spectacular natural spectacles directly on the banks and waters of the three rivers, the great biodiversity of flora and fauna or the exciting contacts with different cultures and people, but above all the urge to support conservation programs of the region. The goal is to financially support different projects for species and nature protection in the UNESCO 5-country biosphere park Mur-Drava-Danube together with you.



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Type of travel:


10. – 17. September I 8 days
Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Servia I Amazon of Europe
Canoe exploration trip on the rivers Mura, Drava and Danube
Adventure trip in the largest river wilderness in Europe.
Support for local species conservation programs


01 — Your mission

Design a new Fair Trail with us


One of the highlights of this Canoe Explorer Tour is Kopacki Rit, which is one of the most spectacular natural highlights of the Amazon of Europe region. © Safarek

The Fair Trails® Explorer Tour in the Amazon of Europe still has many secrets to offer travelers of all kinds. This is also evident downstream on the rivers Mur, Drava and Danube. Along these water majesties we embark for the first time on a Fair Trails® canoe tour. Exactly for this water adventure we are looking for explorers with water affinity, who bring along spirit of discovery, tolerance, patience and humor to go on an exploration expedition. Your mission will be to explore and create the first Fair Trail on water together with our rafting and canoeing Fair Trails® expert Jure and our motivated and experienced Fair Trails® Explorer Stefanie Dolzer. To lay the foundation for a fair and responsible tourism and for a careful and sustainable development of the still so new travel destination Amazon of Europe.


Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

Considered the flagship project for building sustainable tourism, the Amazon of Europe River Journey was developed as part of the Amazing Amazon of Europe together with the Amazon of Europe Amazing Moments © Drava Splash

02 — Your Explorer Tour

Five countries, three rivers and many scenic, cultural and culinary highlights


Just one of the many historic castles in the region – Siklos Castle © Amazon of Europe Bike Trail Projekt/Thomas Sattler

The Fair Trails® travel destination: Amazon of Europe

Once you dive into the Amazon of Europe, you will definitely want to return. Especially the different cultures of the five countries Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia, and the numerous encounters with the compatriots make this Explorer Tour so special. Each region has a different way of cooking, different specialties that they serve on the table, different traditional crafts, a different language, but above all three fascinating rivers that run very differently. One is wilder, the other wider. Here it resembles a mangrove jungle and here you could spend a whole day on the sandy beach. What each of the different river sections have in common is a spectacular variety of flora and fauna to admire. The number of resident birds is virtually endless. 

Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

Whatever the season, the Amazon of Europe presents itself colorful and wild © Amazon of Europe Bike Trail/Thomas Sattler

Your Fair Trails® Experts & Explorer

Jure Cucek,
Fair Trails® Expert


The expert on water

Jure has changed the rude after years of experience in professional canoeing and product development in the water sports sector and is part of the project management company Iskriva in Slovenia. As a passionate watersports enthusiast, he knows exactly what matters. He also brings this expertise as a Fair Trails expert and will accompany this Explorer Tour. 

The communicative mountain fex

Supports product development and marketing at Trail Angels. Sees sustainable regional development, where specifically local people are actively involved and benefit from tourism, as leading the way for the future of sustainable tourism. Her outdoor experience coupled with her expertise in the tourism and recreation industry, combine passion and expertise for Fair Trails®. Experiencing the mountain environment in a natural and sustainable way is what fulfills her the most. Always feeling the drive to discover new, original, unknown mountains, degrees and valleys drives her. This, combined with her enthusiasm, communication skills and passion for the outdoors a reason why she is one of our selected Fair Trails® Explorers.

B.A. in Tourism and Leisure Management, mountain rescue member and mountaineer.

Stefanie Dolzer,
Fair Trails® Explorer


The program of this Fair Trails® Explorer Tour


Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

 © Iskriva

1. day |  10.09.2022  |  Arrival in Graz, transfer to Legrad
2. day |  11.09.2022  |  Canoe tour Legrad  – Molve
3. day |  12.09.2022  |  Canoe tour Molve – Virovitica
4. day |  13.09.2022  |  Canoe tour Virovitica – Novi Gradac
5. day |  14.09.2022  |  Canoe tour Noskovci – Donji Miholjac
6. day |  15.09.2022  |  Canoe tour Donji Miholjac – Aljmas
7. day |  16.09.2022  |  Canoe tour in the Kopacki Rit National Park; City tour Zlatna Greda
8. day |  17.09.2022  |  Backtransfer to Graz; Departure

Panoramaweg Südalpen Panorama am Hochplateau

The destination of our Explorer Tour: Always downstream to Kopacki Rit National Park © Google Maps

Hard facts: Explorer Tour Amazon of Europe

Date: 10. – 17. September 2022 
Prize: € 845,- 


This is an “Explorer Tour Nice Price” (cost price without commission); € 35,– per person will benefit two local species conservation programs.

Included services:

  • Overnight stay in a double room in selected partner hotels
  • Full board catering
  • All mobility services from Legrad
  • Luggage transport
  • Qualified guiding
  • Guided canoe tour incl. equipment and introduction
  • All required entrance fees to visitor centers
  • Impact fee to support local conservation programs
  • Expert advice during trip preparation
  • Accompaniment by Fair Trails® Experts


You too can become an explorer & create a fair trail with us


The kingfisher is not only the emblem for the Amazon of Europe region, but also easily observable from the water © Iskriva

What awaits you as an Explorer?

We have developed the ” Explorer Tour” travel format to explore new Fair Trails® (like here) or to test future Fair Trails® offerings. In most cases, the trip is accompanied by a media production (photo, film, blog). Explorer Tours are therefore very special journeys of discovery that offer you a unique experience with deep insights into the cultures of the region and invite you to actively shape the program. Your inspiration and creativity is needed in product development, impact project integration, and trip reporting.

Especially for this Explorer Tour, water-savvy travelers with composure, tolerance, patience and humor are needed. Team spirit is very important to us! Because an inspired and cool team with great cohesion makes the Explorer Tour something very special.


How can I become an Explorer?

We have made you curious? You want to be part of the Fair Trails® community and contribute to the future of new travel? And you think that this Fair Trails® Explorer Tour is the right one for you? Then just send us your interest in this Explorer Tour!

We will then get in touch with you and together we will tackle the further milestones for the Explorer Tour step by step. And we are already convinced: You have made the right decision and we will explore the Amazon of Europe together. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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